started off as a dream…

Having traveled around the world and having seen the astonishing works of art of local artisans from Asia to Africa, Europe to Latin America, we stayed in a state of perpetual bewilderment. Their infinite craftsmanship always left us awe struck but many a times their plight left us heartbroken.

Their images and artifacts remained embedded in the deep recesses of our hearts and minds for long, until a chance afternoon, when we actually thought of showing it the light of the day. And thus our company kicked off.

We are a bunch of diverse, eccentric professionals working in the media and finance industry for the last 20 years and who are still running a company that caters to the needs of our many happy media and corporate clients.

What we always had in common all through these years was a desire to provide the best possible services to our clients, be it in our existing service network or any of our planned endeavours. Keeping that in mind, and with a healthy dose of philanthropy for global handicraft artisans, Craftsaga was born.  

Craftsaga follows the same ethical path. It is a vehicle over which we intend to bring out our extensive service experience coupled with the finest handcrafted products this world has to offer, while also serving as a conduit of welfare for the hardworking but neglected artisans worldwide.

With Craftsaga, we aspire to get through our best possible efforts, the most exotic and magnificent handmade items from the world’s most elegant and elite craftsmen. We travel and explore the farthest reaches of the planet to pick out the most exquisite, fantastic and prized items that are a joy to own and possess. And we do this all for you, so that you get the best handcrafted items from around the world, with a just a few clicks of your mouse sitting in the comfort of your own home or office.

We also guarantee to bring these products to you, in all their formidable glory and superior quality that you have come to expect, at just a fraction of the price you might usually pay elsewhere, not to mention with the best customer service possible.

We want you to savour them, use them, exhibit them and gift them to your near and dear ones, while also sparing a thought towards all those artisans who spent countless hours and days to give shape to that splendid objet d’art that you hold in your hands.

A small silent thank you to them and a recommendation about our site to your loved ones, will get a you our big gratitude and an even bigger smile on their faces.

Go on now, grab the Craftsaga world…