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What is Craftsaga Affiliate Program?

If you want to boost up your wealth in this economic downturn then Craftsaga’s Affiliate Program is the best deal for you. Aimed at quality product sales, this program is an attractive offer to earn money online, without any investment or complex dealings. Getting started with our program is as simple as making a choice, i.e. you decide and you are on. Therefore, if you own a website or a blog, all you have to do is just register with us and thereafter create links of our products on your website. These links, when used by the customers to buy products from our store, will instantly entitle you to a predetermined referral fees. Just a simple step and you are done!

To add to your delight, the service is absolutely free to join and easy to use. In fact, apart from grossing lucrative perks, you can refer your customers and friends to a trusted website, where they can avail their desired products at the click of a button. So, get set to be a sharp shooter by killing two birds with one stone; drive traffic and earn referrals. Spread a word about Craftsaga around and earn 10% referral fees, now!

How does it work?

In this advertising endeavor, you can connect with us utilizing a few simple tools. For instance, you can customize Links, Stores and Widgets for effective and gripping content with overall aesthetic appeal. All you need to do is just browse and select the type of product you’d like to add. Thereafter, follow instructions and get started!

Once you are connected to us, each purchase done by the customers with the help of the various links will fetch you a 10% referral fees. The fees will be paid on the respective product cost. You can fetch your payment on monthly basis once you cross a 100 USD mark.

Build Links & Banners


Lure the visitors with an exclusive presentation of our products. Build easy links to Craftsaga.com store and in-turn boost up your earnings. You can even decide the amount of control over the products displayed in each set of links. The power is yours!

Text and Product Links


The Product Links tool enables you to create customized Text Links, Text and Image Links, and Image Only Links to our products. This way, you can link to a specific product of our store and display details about it. Your links will include your Associate tag and you will be paid for qualifying sales obtained through those links.




Use our stylish graphical banners to link to Craftsaga.com categories or promotions. Easy to add, these banners are available in standard sizes, shapes, and color schemes.

Track Reports Daily


Daily track reports will enable you to know your customers better and the products they purchase from our store. Real time tracking is available, which provides updated data on your earnings. The reports provided by us are easy to interpret and contain exhaustive data about the activity of your links. This empowers you to optimize your performance in the program. Updated reports ensure you have all the information required to boost the earning potential of your site.


No start up cost

Affiliate marketing is a budding business model, which enables you to start up with almost no investment. To your amazement, the only investment is time as you use free traffic, though paid methods of traffic generation are also available. Overall, being an affiliate marketer is a low cost business prospect with the potential of being extremely beneficial.

Free Signup

Apart from being a practically zero investment plan, the Affiliate Program enables the affiliates to commence operation immediately. All you are required to do is to register in our program, which is absolutely free of cost. Register now for a fortune, which is just a free signup away!

Minimal effort

One of the most tempting features of Affiliate Program is that it requires minimal effort from the affiliates. You do not require to create your own products or to conduct market research. No customer support is needed and you are entitled to the entire referral fees without any direct contact with the customers. Phew! Lastly, the affiliate can easily operate from home or any other desired place. So, all you have to do is just lay back and see your bank account grow!

Easy Linking

To facilitate convenient moneymaking, the affiliate is provided with diverse options of easy linking such as Text Links, Text and Image Links, and Image Only Links, which will connect the users to our products. The affiliate can choose from the options available and gross benefits accordingly, keeping in consideration the referral fees. Just link up and start counting!

Friendship pays

To reap high benefits from the Affiliate Program, refer the links to your friends. This will benefit both of you as your friends will get access to quality products and each purchase made by them, using the links would entitle you for the referral fees. So, the greater the numbers of purchases done by your friends, the higher revenue you generate. Friendship was never so paying before!